About Us

Turkey's Leading Decoration Website, BAUPOR, derives its strength from the industry experience and innovative energy of its partners, making it a leader in the production of decoration materials. Our company specializes in interior decoration products, offering a wide range of high-quality materials and gaining the admiration of end-users in both domestic and international markets with its innovative designs in a short period.

Secure Shopping: https://www.baupor.com/ utilizes SSL certification with 128-bit encryption to ensure the security of transmitted information. Your credit card information is used only during the order processing and is not stored in the database.

Quality and Originality Guarantee: The authenticity and quality of sold products undergo double testing - once by BAUPOR's specialized unit during the product selection stage and another time through a dedicated operation line conducting 100% quality control during packing in the warehouse.

Best Customer Experience: Placing the best customer experience at the core of its service approach, baupor.com is constantly accessible through its 24/7 customer service team and communicates directly with members via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram channels.

Easy Returns: If you wish to return a product purchased from baupor.com for any reason, you can easily send it back within 7 days.

Our Vision: Creating lasting advantages by making differences.

Our Mission: Effectively manage our company with competitive and sustainable growth potential, ensuring its development in collaboration with solution partners.