Shipping and Delivery

Orders can be placed on our website for standard shipping, cash on delivery, or same-day courier service (subject to certain conditions).

The shipping fee resulting from your orders is covered by The application of free shipping for specific periods and/or order amounts is entirely at the discretion of Orders placed above or below the specified amounts or before/after free shipping promotions are not eligible for's responsibility. conducts its shipping through Sürat Kargo. Orders placed through our website are delivered to the address specified during the order process by the designated courier company.

Once your orders placed on our website are confirmed and processed, the delivery process is initiated within the shipping process. The delivery process takes 1-3 business days depending on the destination. Sürat Kargo, the courier service we use, delivers on weekdays and Saturdays between 09:00 - 18:00. Deliveries are not made on Sundays and official holidays.

Orders placed on our website are delivered to the address within Turkey by affiliated courier companies. In some cases, such as in smaller towns and districts outside major settlements, courier companies may have scheduled deliveries on certain days of the week. In these situations, does not accept responsibility for any delays. Additionally, many courier companies do not deliver to villages nationwide, and if they do, an additional fee may be charged. In such cases, any additional fees are the responsibility of the recipient.

If you are not present at the specified address during the delivery, your package will be returned to the nearest branch by the courier, and a note will be left with details on where you can pick it up. You can retrieve your package from the branch within 3 days. Unclaimed packages during this period are returned to In case your package cannot be delivered to you, you can contact us through Customer Services, confirm your name, surname, address, and phone information, and request the re-shipment of the product.

In the event of a possibility of your package going to the wrong address, necessary actions are taken by our team. The address information you provide during your purchases through is automatically transferred to the courier company without any changes. Any mistakes that may occur, or shipments to the wrong address, are not choices made by If a shipment to the wrong address occurs, when you inform us via email, the issue is forwarded to the courier company by us, and necessary redirection is ensured promptly.

Invoices for your orders are sent along with the shipment. Invoices legally required to be on the outer surface of your package are sent with your orders for this reason. If for any reason your invoice, which is legally required to be on the outer surface of your package, does not come with your order, you can request the invoice from the courier. If your invoice cannot be delivered to you despite your request, you can prepare a report in this regard. If you inform us, your original invoice or a stamped copy labeled as "copy of the original" can be sent to your address.

During the delivery of your cargo package, if there is any deformation or defect in the package, check the physical condition of your product by opening the box before signing the cargo delivery form in the presence of the cargo officer. If your product inside the box is damaged in any way, do not accept the product and return it to the cargo officer, and be sure to prepare a cargo damage report. Products that are returned to us by adhering to this procedure are exchanged, and the re-shipment is made. If your product cannot be shipped at that moment, your payment is refunded to you. Similarly, during the delivery of your cargo package, if, during your inspection before signing the cargo delivery form, a product delivery that you did not request or that does not belong to you is made, do not accept the cargo and return it to the cargo officer. If you inform us about the issue, the necessary controls are carried out, and after the returned product reaches us, the correct product is sent to you.

If your order does not reach you, you can check the accuracy of the information you provided during your order, and you can track the location of your order on our website. If, despite providing all the correct information, your order is sent to a different address, please inform us through Customer Services. The issue can be resolved by contacting the courier company through us for the delivery of your order to you.

Currently, for orders paid with credit card or via bank transfer, there is no charge for shipping for deliveries through Sürat Kargo, and free shipping is provided. When you request your order to be paid on delivery, a cash-on-delivery collection fee is charged by the courier company, independent of the order amount.